Activities in High-Resolution TEM and Surface Catalysis

Klaus Heinemann

After completion of his Ph.D. thesis in applied physics at the University of Tubingen, Germany, Klaus worked as an R&D engineer at Siemens AG, Berlin, in the development of the Elmiskop 101 transmission electron microscope.
In 1969, he joined NASA-Ames Research Center as a National Research Council Postdoctoral Research Fellow and worked on high resolution TEM applications. For his development of dark-field microscopy with annular objective apertures he received the 1972 NASA Exceptional Scientific Achievement Award.
His research emphasis then shifted to surface physics with high-resolution in-situ TEM investigations, including in-situ oxidation and gas reaction studies under controlled (ultra-high) vacuum conditions.
Major scientific milestones (published in over 60 peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals) include revealing of the (atomic-scale) thickness-dimensions of nanometer-size crystalline particles, building of a 10(-8) Pa high-resolution TEM specimen handling and reaction chamber, and the detection, characterization and size classification of metal clusters consisting of just a few atoms on amorphous substrates.

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