The Oneness Principle

We Are One:
"One Earth"
"One Humanity"
"One Spirit"
"One Grand Original Design"

These principles have been guiding us for several decades. They conform to the messages of the spiritual leaders listed on our home page and countless other eminent teachers, and they represent the value system humanity must aspire to if we are to survive as a species and evolve in accordance with our divine-inspired birthright and destiny as active participants in the Grand Original Design.

The wisdom of the Great Teachers, including Jesus of Nazareth, emphasizes over and over that there is no greater aspiration to live for than to become a conscious, compassionate, loving human being.

We took our first Reiki Master class in 1997, and ever since that time an astonishing number of notable new modalities caught our attention. The most significant ones we have studied extensively are listed on our home page.

The amazing growth of in the number of healing modalities available is indeed a remarkable, hopeful indication that the idea is taking hold that there is more to healing of illnesses than having your doctor prescribe pills.

The modalities each have their own focus with techniques ranging from correctly placing fingers and/or hands on the recipient, to using the correct breathing techniques, to the application of symbols, to intonation, to the correct imaging of colors by the practitioner, all the way to release into unstructured playfulness. All these techniques have their rightful place. The originators and teachers usually emphasize the simplicity of their method and that the healer's attitude is of overriding importance. His or her state of being, and awareness that they are just an instrument for the divine healing energy (prana) to flow through to the patient are key for the healing. As a possible exception to this rule, in some modalities such as Reiki and Karuna Reiki, some teachers emphasize the correct application of the symbols, overriding the importance attributed to the attitude or motivation of the practitioner.

If our reading is correct that simplicity, openness, and non-attachment to the outcome are of overriding importance in spiritual healing, then the realization of this circumstance would, or should, become a unifying factor for all these seemingly divergent, individualistic healing modalities. Then we would all recognize that each has equal significance. The one who has an inclination for chanting will use chanting in his healing sessions, a healing arts practitioner who is in tune with the deeper meaning of colors will do healing with colors, and a person with the gift of intuition who feels the subtle energy with her hands will position her hands on those parts of the recipient's body or aura where she feels an energetic need.

But, most importantly, each will realize that they are tapping into the same field of healing energy that is beyond our physical reality, the same prana, the same life force energy, the same repertoire of subtle energy that stimulates the innate healing capacity in the patient, not because of the healer's superior method, but -- if anything -- in spite of her "3rd-dimensional" emphasis on a method.

Unfortunately, however, numerous modalities have adopted one common method of teaching and practicing their art that appears contradictory to the tenets of simplicity and clean intentionality: they require multiple levels of study, usually taking years, before certification is granted. They typically make no distinction between natural healing facilitators who are able to quickly download the necessary information and skill from the field with a minimum of training, and others who diligently mark off all the third-dimensional requirements and still have not really mastered the art. It is not the diploma that qualifies but other, overriding factors, such as focus, humility, love, and willingness to serve.

Is the simple principle of love, which should permeate all alternative healing modalities, at risk of being replaced with mundane 3rd-dimensional requirements? Perhaps it would be desirable to replace unnecessary prerequisites for certification with more emphasis on what is really needed for this service. Should we not just get out of the way and be detached from the outcome? Should we not approach any healing modality with an attitude of openness and simple service to the energies from a larger field?

We do realize that the originators of new healing modalities are, or were, highly conscious persons who neither intended nor foresaw that their modality was anything other than an effective way of serving our fellow human beings. Not different from the emergence and subsequent evolution of new religious groupings, which unquestionably started with the purest of intentions on the part of their originators, it is probably in the second and subsequent generations of followers of any particular modality where problems tend to emerge, where ideals become rules, where methods that were experienced by their originator as working well tend to become rigid requirements of the modality.

Following the trend of Western times, if one teaches something that is to be received as meaningful in today's system of course and degree offerings, it cannot be "simple." There has to be a complex, intellectual challenge. There cannot possibly be just one level. The entire teaching must not possibly be conveyed in one weekend. There have to be multiple levels of classes, and teaching all of them has to take up more time.

It seems that this diversion into required levels for certification of a new alternative healing arts modality bears the risk of having one arguably undesirable side effect that is consistently present in virtually all modalities we have experienced: it renders the pursuit of certification expensive -- and out of financial reach of many potential practitioners. We hope and trust that the principle of love, which is and remains the overriding condition in all alternative healing art modalities, outweighs all financial limitations the aspirants of certification might have.

It is for this reason that we offer a Spirit-directed program (which we call "AWE" -- Accelerated Well-Being Experience), in which we communicate a practical synthesis from many healing art modalities. It is a matter of principle for us to encourage those who join us for a study of the principles of 4th-dimensional spiritual healing and well-being to apply what they have learned, as they seem fit, in their own lives, to themselves, others, and the living system at large freely, joyfully, and without requirement of 3rd-dimensional certifications. For us, this is the spirit of the Oneness Principle.

Klaus and Gundi Heinemann

(excerpted from: Orbs, Their Mission and Messages of Hope )

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