Klaus Heinemann, Ph.D., and Gundi Heinemann

Orb Research -- Are we Observing Quantum Steps?

The orb photographer Titica of Graz, Austria, recently sent us a picture with a large bizarre looking orb-like figure, which is often referred to as orb-"fairy."  While we had seen such pictures quite frequently, this one was extraordinarily large and had an unusual clarity.  After minor (mostly contrast) image processing and strong cropping, which was possible due to the high resolution camera setting with which Titica had taken the photo, we obtained the detail shown in the PowerPoint slide below which we had prepared for a recent presentation. 

The "fairy"-like figure appears to be made up of one very fast moving orb, which -- during the duration of the flash (approximately 1/1000 sec) -- had displaced itself up and down and right and left to form the overall figure.  This movement must have happened with a velocity of about 10,000 km/h.  Furthermore -- and more surprisingly -- this was not a continuous but a stepwise movement of well over 50 discrete positions. 

Stepwise orb displacements had been seen in many photos before (see for example here or in the photo above), but their use in this fashion, where a clear intent may have been present to have an overall image appearance of a "fairy," is quite phenomenal. This may well further attest to the high degree of intelligence that is behind orbs, i.e., the "light entities" of which they are emanations.   

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