Orbs -- Lichtboten:  Klaus and Gundi Heinemann at the "Alpenparlament.TV" with Prof. Michael Vogt

Physicist and former Stanford University research professor and NASA contract researcher Dr. Klaus Heinemann and his wife and healing arts practitioner Gundi Heinemann are interviewed by Prof. Mag. Dr. Phil Michael Vogt about their research into the orb phenomenon. Their book "Orbs, Their Mission and Messages of Hope" was published in 2010 (Hay House) and follows Klaus' and Dr. Miceal Ledwith's 2007 book "The Orb Project" (Beyond Words Publishers, Atria Books, Simon & Schuster). In this interview Klaus and Gundi show evidence of the astounding consciousness of that from which these orbs are assumed to be emanations.  (In German; no English subtitles).

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Klaus and Gundi Heinemann

Klaus Heinemann
Gundi Heinemann