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Klaus Heinemann, Ph.D.

Feature Article:     The Orb Phenomenon: Bridging to the World Beyond?   In "LIGHT" (2013) by The College of Psychic Studies, UK
Online Seminar:     Great Mystery Online Seminar   "ORBS, PSYCHO-ENERGETICS, and SUBTLE ENERGIES: What do we see, what do we learn?"
TV-Interview:         Alpenparlament.TV (in German)

Books on Orbs:                    Orbs, Their Mission and Messages of Hope (by Klaus and Gundi Heinemann)
                                              The Orb Project (by Klaus Heinemann and Miceal Ledwith)
Expanding Perception, Re-discovering the Grand Original Design  (by Klaus Heinemann with Gundi Heinemann)

Pictures taken within a few seconds; same camera position; a different orb is shown in the right picture at a different location. Right image was electronically enhanced.

This is how it got started: We took the above photographs in September 2004 at a spiritual retreat. The exposures were just a few seconds apart. There was no change in camera settings or lighting in the room. The bright mandala-like feature in the left picture, and the less luminous circular feature in the right image at the top of the triangle were not observable with the bare eye in the room.
Thousands of orb photos later, and extensive research on the subject, I have come to the following explanations of the phenomenon.

Current Results and Working Hypothesis:
Orbs are not explainable with conventional physics (Authenticity of Orb Photos )
               They are emanations from intelligent life outside of the conventional physical realm
               They are abundantly around us (but we must use discernment) (Example of Artefactual Orbs )
               They have different intensities (some require digital image enhancement to be clearly clearly visible)
               They can move extremely fast ( possibly at unlimited speed )
               They move in discrete steps ( possibly Quantum-steps )
               They have individualistic features and may have "faces"
               They appear to show with facial features primarily to those who are inclined to see them
               They -- i.e., the beings they emanate from -- can follow instructions (Stereo-Photography with Orbs )
               They appear to be highly intelligent
               They can expand (possibly to infinite size) and contract (possibly to atomic size) extremely fast
               Their intelligence and ability of extreme contraction and expansion at infinite speeds allows for the hypothesis that they may be instrumental in certain aspects of alternative/spiritual healing
               Thought projections look similar to orbs (Photos of Orbs and Thought Projections)
               They appear to want to communicate to us through their appearance and location in photos
               Their messages appear to be benevolent and helpful to individual people and mankind at large

The results are summarized in these books:

"Orbs: Their Mission and Messages of Hope"
               jointly authored with my wife Gundi Heinemann
; HayHouse - London, New York, Sydney (ISBN 978-1-4019-2886-5, 2010
      Available in the following foreign languages:
               German: (ISBN 978-3-939373-64-3, 2011)
               Japanese (ISBN 978-4-478-01567-4, 2011)

"The Orb Project"
                authored with Miceal Ledwith, Ph.D., extended foreword by William A. Tiller, Ph.D.; ATRIA Books, Beyond Words/Simon & Schuster (ISBN 978-1-58270-182-0 & -2, 2007);
                cover pages; ordering information; book review
        Available in numerous foreign languages, including:
               German:  RandomHouse/Bertelsmann Verlag (ISBN 978-3-442-33817-7, 2008)
               Italian: Macro Edizioni (ISBN 88-6229-002-0, 2008)
               Dutch: Altamira-Becht, Harlem (ISBN 978-90-6963-826-3, 2009)
               Russian: Sofia (ISBN 978-5-91250-923-0, 2009)
               Romanian:  Adevar Divin, Brasov (ISBN 978-606-8080-18-5, 2010)
               Japanese: Fujino Kaoru (ISBN 978-4-19-906096-0, 2010)
               Spanish: Editorial Sirio, Spain, (2010)
               Croatian: (2010)
               Lithuanian: (2010)
               Greek: (2010)
               French: (2011)

Above picture taken at the "Orbs: Interacting with Other Realms" Prophets Conference at Palm Springs, CA, 21-23 March 2008 by a conference participant (Linda Horton), during the presentation of Klaus and Gundi Heinemann. (Right: cropped section of left picture, showing two large very bright orbs and one smaller one).
The text of the slide shown at the moment when the picture was taken reads: "(It is in everyone of us to be wise ...) ... and to work cooperatively for unity and the well-being of all."

 Picture on right taken by Amanda Bayer at the "Orbs" Prophets Conference at Palm Springs, during the presentation of Klaus Heinemann.

Lectures, Interviews, Feature Articles:

" The Orb Phenomenon: Bridging to the World Beyond?"
  In "LIGHT" (2013) by The College of Psychic Studies, UK
         " Orbs - Online Seminar"  (ORBS, PSYCHO-ENERGETICS, and SUBTLE ENERGIES: What do we see, what do we learn?)
         " Orbs - Lichtboten" (1 hour at the Alpenparlament.TV with Michael Vogt, 11/6/2011 -in German)
             " Die geistige Welt wird sichtbar" (written by Ulrich Arndt, in news-age - Germany, 4, 98-101, 2008)
             "A Life in the Day: Klaus Heinemann" (written by Hazel Courteney, in The Sunday Times - UK, August 31, 2008)
             Paranormales vs. Wissenschaft:" Geister auf digitalen Photos" und "Vermischung: Wissenschaft und Spiritualitaet"
                  (written by Kerstin Artz, in On-Line Focus - Germany, 22 May, 2008)
             "OAS 88 Klaus Heinemann - The Orb Project", November 20, 2007 (Interview with Klaus by award winning author and newscaster Jeffrey Milburn)
             "Mysterious Orbs - Emanations from A Divine Field?" (Interview with Klaus by Emmy Award-winning TV producer Linda Moulton Howe, in Earthfiles,
             "Is This the Proof that Spirits do Exist?" (Article on Klaus' work in Healthy Wealthy n'Wise, written by Hazel Courtney, October 2007)
             "Orbs: Emanations from Spirit Beings?" (Keynote Presentation by Klaus at Orbs: What Is Going On? The Prophets Conference Sedona, AZ, 5/4-6/2007)

Picture taken on 3/26/2008 immediately after a 2-hour live radio interview at the La Fonda Hotel in Santa Fe, N.M. The orb is positioned at the exact location of our hotel room.

Left and center: boy looking at orb.

Right: Testing Intelligence of Orbs. Boy asked orb to appear in same size as paining of moon on paper on floor -- two orbs appeared, one in approx. size of small, the other of large axis

Below Left: Boy positions two tennis balls as "eyes" for a smiley face, then removes one ball and requests for an orb to take its place;
Right: An orb follows the invitation. 

(Pictures and experiment by Melinda Davenport).


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